Abyss spoiler,undertaker?

Question:abyss is coming back and it is there suspose to have him go through team cage and whoop every one of there asses do you think this will be a good storyline.

if you were a manager would you rather have undertaker face:
1.sting in a hell in a cell match
2.abyss in a inferno match
3.ricky banderas(james mitchells new monster)in a buried alive match
4.or face all w/kane and shawn michaels in a elimanation chamber match



ARE YOU GONNA MISS JIM ROSS as a comentator??

Number 4 because it would be a hell of a match between the 6

Did you know that rey mysterio's brother is in Fiji?


Who do you think is the cutest couple or will make the cutest couple in wwe?

number three taker is the king of the buried alive match

Wouldnt this be every wrestlin fans' dream?


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