The most boring wrestlers to watch?


Who else thinks that Cena is gay?

Cena, Carlito, Masterpeice, The Miz, Benoit, MVP, oh and did I say Cena!

Points Baby!!

When was midget tossing banned in the USA?

Miz, Boogeyman, Kahli, Umaga, Nitro, JOHN CENA

Name all the wrestlers who have once beated HHH?

cena,the greath khali, charli haas, mark henry, and finally the ultimate idiot....independent kid JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ i know he is not a wrestler but he sucks!!!

Do Tna fans like gay VKM?(the stable)?

two words Great Khali

The real wrestleling quiz!?


Sacrifice Card so Far and Predictions?

khali, snitsky, jim duggan, cena, batista (i fall asleep during his matches)

Will dx return?

Great khali, boogeyman, lance cade & murdoch, booby lashley.

Where can i find UnderTakers Music for Myspace page ? Not the Video either. The Clips of Music for him.?

ur mom and kahli


1. Khali
2. Khali
3. Khali
4. Khali
5. Scotty 2 Hotty

When do TNA lose the rights to the NWA Championship belts?

Khali and John Cena.

2 Questions??

melina, ashley, pretty much all the girl wrestlers and TGK

Any Spoilers for TNA or Smackdown yet?

Cena - BAH GAWD King...Cena has over come the odds again...YAWN.

Khali - he's like watching wrestling in slow motion.

Umaga - Jamal from 3MW returns as a "savage" in Umaga and continues to still be boring.

These are the 3 worst offenders on the roster.

Lol..this wreslting moment is just WIERD!!!if you want to see something wierd..then here?

After this week's RAW I respected Cena a bit more, it does not mean he is completely safe from criticism but at least he is going in the right direction, lets just see if he can produce any more decent matches.

Overall THE MOST BORING WRESTLER title belongs to the great khali. He doesn't last long enough to build up a good much nor does he have anything to give. Internal sources says he has great potential due to his build but I feel he is a prime example of when potential means jack.

Johnny Nitro and Melina Having Relationship Problems?

The Miz!!

Would Keiran and Swimmer make the perfect couple?

Cena. Boy, have I had enough of his wrestling matches. Wake me up when he gets better. Oh wait, might as well put me in the grave to sleep forever.

Khali. An oaf the size of Khali, can't wrestle for crap, so why do they even bother putting him on TV? Sad, just sad. Oh wait, I forgot, Vince loves big men.

Batista. Wow. He pulls off a Spinebuster. Wow. he shakes the ring ropes like he's just did some crack. Wow. He pulls off the most overused move in wrestling. A powerbomb. OH WAIT! SOME MARK WHO TRULY THINKS BATISTA IS GOD CORRECTS ME BY SAYING ITS A SIT-DOWN POWERBOMB!! Duh. I know more about wrestling than most of these marks.

2 questions...randy orton and backlash?

deuce and domino
who said benoit hes made some of the most entertaining matches of all time!

Where can i find old wcw wrestling videos to buy?


If the rock was wrestling would cena be working as a popcorn vendor or the ticket guy?

squash match after anthor
annoying pointless & vince boy toy
johnny nitro
is he still around
anthor pointless wrestler with no mic skills & 0 entertainment value
annoying pointless & has no moves
just shut up

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