ALL you Edgeheads.. has edge ever faced Chris Benoit??


Do you tthink I could whup Kahli's a ss ??

yup back in '02,it would be interesting to see them face again.

Should wwe start this rivalry?

yup he faced him thts like asking has john cena faced umaga

Remember the dance rob conway did when he was the french gimmick? or was that his friend that did that?

12/5/02 WWE SmackDown - Kurt Angle vs. Edge vs. Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero

Yup he has faced him:)

Do you feel that it's worth the 40 bucks spend on a wwe pay per view or is it money wasted?

yes he has..... EDGE ROCKS!!

Who hopes that the Denver Nuggets win at Wrestlemania 24?

yea I remeber a fued between them a few years back

Worst wrestling storylines ever?

i think backlash... vs Chris Benoit. last man standin match... he used a brick from his briefcase to hit benoit in the head and win...

YO what it be like why golddust gone mane?

Yes, on Smackdown a few years ago. He won with an edgecution.

How many WWE shows have you gone to?


Ever met any wrestlers?


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