Anybody have any comment on austin starr 90 day suspension for tna?


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I am sorry for him, but I can understand it. As far as I know, there were two big reasons:
He refused to do promos, so TNA had to cancel them. This is unprofessional. He could've said: "guys, I do not like that", or he could've proposed to do the promos if they were changed a little. But just refusing to do it is childish, and the fact that it wasn't the first time he did so didn't improve his situation.
The second reason is that he wore an ROH shirt on the fanfest in St. Louis, and this is just respectless. It is like a "Coke" employee would go to work wearing a "Pepsi" shirt. The message is: "The other product is better!", and this is bad for TNA's image. I can understand it. Don't get me wrong, I also like ROH, but if I was a TNA official, I'd be upset, as well.
90 days may be a little hard, but I guess they want to show him who's the boss, because his backstage attitude is said to be bad for a longer time. I hope he will pull himself together when he comes back, otherwise, I will call him "Randy"! ;-)

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who cares tna sucks

Does this mean Raw has both titles or is Edge now on Smackdown's roster?

tna sucks

Did john cena win yesterday?

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TNA CAN SUCK IT!! (in the words of DX)

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