Any one else as excited as i am about edge having the title?


Was Torry Wilson gold dust,s wife in the past, when he wrestled in the wwe or who was his wife?

I am, even though I am a bigger fan of the Undertaker.

When is the new season of hogan knows best going to start?

I dunno how exited you are but...IM SO EXITED WHEN I HEARD THE NEWS ON TUESDAY!

Do you feel that TNA is the future WWE?

edge is a fuckin loser watch taker or kennedy come back and beat his *** what a loser(edge)


How many current divas could be good valets? For who?

hells yea, wen i heard the news too!
i also like john cena, heh.. lol

Montreal screwjob?

Uhh no.

Who do you !?

yay.. no.. yay.. im excited for other reasons..

What if WWE's Umaga went to Arby's and ordered 4 Beef N' Cheddars but got only 3 instead. What would he do?

I don't like edge
and i think he is going to have for about a month

it really sucks knowing undertaker lost it

So if you haven't noticed...?

I am pissed seeing edge beating undertaker.That is edge's trick I hate his trick he did to undertaker.I hope mark henry gets the belt now.

Who much is backlash.?

no, but I'll let you know how excited I am when Kennedy beats him up

Who likes vickie guerrerro?

I am happy for hijm but i amnot excited but what made me mad is how he got the belt It was like Deja Vu of New Years Revolution 2005 minus Mark Henry's interference I hate that so called worlds strongest man who came in 10th place at the olympics

How old is john cena?

edge sucks. he cant beat taker 1-on-1.

Any thoughts about John Cena Vs Khali match?


Is It True Vickie Guerrero and Kristal Are Plotting Against Teddy Long?

Kind of but I didn't want the Undertaker to lose it so fast. And The way Edge got it, it would've been nice to see them in a real match! Too bad the Undertaker is too good and would be Edge's butt.

Hoorah! Finally the wwe is rehiring someone who's not a non-wrestler?!?

Yes a few people. I was talking to Mickie Lee and she is very happy and Mr.dedede must be excited and a few others. I think its great that he finally gets what he deserves.

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