A good enough reason to not push Benoit as a main eventer?

Question:I read this on Prowrestling.com and wanted to hear what you guys have to say.

"Due to Chris Benoit’s weakness at cutting good promos, SmackDown’s head writer, Michael Hayes doesn’t feel as if Chris Benoit should be a main event performer. "

I think it's BS, since everyone knows what he's about, and he was doing a hell of a job when he was champ.


Who u want win at backlash? John Cena or Great Khali?

I agree with you. Is Benoit good at cutting promos? No. He's not creative, he stubles over his words, and gets very little crowd reaction. That is why these days he stays off the mics. If you don't believe me, go to youtube and look up some of Benoit's promos that he gave in WCW and ECW. They're good for a laugh.

Do I think he deserves to be in the main event? Well considering he is the best in ring performer in the WWE... HELL YES! Benoit can perform as a grappler, striker, submission wrestler, and high flyer (I still love the headbutt). Not only that, but there is no other wrestler in the WWE who is as intense as he is in the ring. Plus Benoit is very over with the crowd. Whenever he leaves wrestling for whatever reason, he always comes back to a huge ovation.

But do I understand why he is not in the main event? Kinda. In addition to his lack of ability to cut promos, the ratings that came in while Benoit was champ were lower than usual. And as much as I don't like it, the WWE is a business that is selling a product. And if the numbers are down when your in the spot light, you will be moved out of the spot light. It is a crappy part of the business but it happens weather we like it or not.


i think they gone have him drop the us title to kane or mvp, so he can go after the WHC again.

Did you know that the wwe is going to be broadcast in high definition?

I neva got the push I needed in wwe so do you think benoit deseves it mow?

If you could make one match with the WWE (or TNA, if that's your thing) Roster, what would it be?

It's true, his promo's need work. He's not as bad as Batista or Jeff Hardy, but he's not good. When it comes to promo's MVP is killing him, that's why I want MVP to be US champ, He's more entertaining.

What in the world just happened?

that is not really a bad reason..one of the reasons shelton benjamin has never had a heavyweight title reign is due to his lack of mic skills so that is why he will continue to be a mid carder. edge can cut real good promos thus he is the current champion

Do you really think Candace Michelle beat up Victoria on RAW or was that a big act?

its all fake, who cares.

Who wants to see the greatest match in ECW history?Then come here.?

Due to Chris Benoit’s weakness at cutting good promos, SmackDown’s head writer, Michael Hayes doesn’t feel as if Chris Benoit should be a main event performer.That's the truth

Women's title mess-up.?

I think he is Toothless and going bald. take the title away quick.

A 45 minute main event?

Love him as a wrestler but his microphone skills aren't that good. Just as good if not better than any of the "champs" now though. You think maybe Michael Hayes is setting the bar a little high because he was great at it in his day.

Is this anybody else favorite picture?

All they need to do to fix this problem is to have Arn Anderson come back on television and be Benoit's manager, with Arn doing the talking and Benoit being silent and just wrestling they whould have him on top again. But it is true Benoit is weak on the mic and without the mic skills you'll never get over to the masses and that is why he needs somebody to speak for him and since he was a horseman with Arn and because Arn can cut some of the greatest promos of all time it would be a perfect fit.

I had to edit my answer just to add to what the other guy said about Benoit's ratings, he was a bigger draw then both Rey, and Batista which are 2 other guys who can't talk. If you notice in wwe history the lowest drawing champions are the ones who can't cut promos or they don't have a mouthpiece like Heyman was for Lesnar.

Why is there more WWE questions than TNA?

That's also one of the reasons why Sabu isn't being pushed as a main eventer.

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