What does it mean by wrestlers living with "SEX", drugs and alchohol?

Does it mean that wrestlers are having it with female fans?


Ive won two legend money in the bank lader matches still havent got mitb trophy?

Be A Rebel Dude, Use Steroids, Drugs , Sex , Alcohol to live in the fastlane...

Myself like better stone cold
Arrive, Raise Hell , Leave.(in his new shirt you can see those words)

How old is the undertaker in wrestling and when is his bday?

no it does not mean they are having it with female fans. and this question is a little funny. but we got quiet a few gay wrestlers

Has John Cena ever kissed anybody besides Maria in the wwe?

No.It means that Edge was with Lita...

Why are there all of these stupid TNA posts on the wrestling forum?

they are crazy and wild and extreme when it comes to fighting in the ring like sabu, RVD, big show etc..

Does anyone know where i can buy a poster of WWE champion The Rock?

this just means jeff hardy does crack edge bangs lita all the time and cena is a junkie

When is khali going to get a title shot?

It's just a term for all the "benefits" wrestlers have, but in the past, wrestlers of course have dipped in drugs and lived the fast life. It's not so glorified as it was in the past. Many wrestlers are now family guys/girls.

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