After raw went off?

After raw went off the air, John Cena and Bobby Lashley teamed up to take on the entire RAW brand, along with all the living WWE hall of Famers! remarkably both superstars overcame the odds and pinned every man in the ring one by one!!!!


Who do you think should be a hall of famer that is not one yet?

then a plane came crashing down - cena caught in mid air, hopped in and flew around. when he landed he was carrying an american flag with a sign that said mission accomplished.

LMAO Anyone see this yet?

HIP came in.

New wresters?

hold up why wan't batista on cena and lashely team they are the 3 steriod chumps and the main reasons why wwe is going down heal

Would you buy the Money In The Bank briefcase?

This is not true. They do have dark matches before the airing to "pump up the crowd", and afterwards sometimes a "meet and greet", but those matches above did not happen tonight.

You telling me all the living Hall of Famers got in the ring. Most of them are in there 60's and 70's...LOL

Nice try.

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