Any dx fans?

Question:go to my website freewebs dot com/areyouready07 to find out about the game and the heartbreak kid.
but of course, if you're not done with that, then we got two words for ya...


Who Hates Maria Kanellis ?

i'm crazy about the heartbreak kid, shawn michaels!

Edge is new champion of Smackdown!?

suck it! lol Im a DX fan they rock, they are the best tag team ever. Your website is awesome, i have signed up for the forum !

Are they going to have a wwe divas magazine this year?

I have two words for ya! FOUR HORSEMEN!

I was watching Wrestlemania 10 last night and just wondered if anyone knew what happened to Adam Bomb?


What do you think about John Cena?


No one gets better than The One.. Jon Kellum

If you think youre better than me then i got two words for ya... SUCK IT!!

If Boogieman hangs around with Kane long enough, do you think he would be brought back to normal person ?

two words for ya TWO WORDS FOR YA hahahaha i will get back on raw and destroy dx once and for all

Why do some people cheat...?

SUCK IT!!!!! they're hilarious!!!!! i love 'em!!!!

Who hates the fact that edge is the new world heavy wait champ?

Suck it! lol. I used to be a huge fan =)

Who thinks Bobby Lashley is going to face the great Khali tonight?

yes jim

What do you think about this...?

I'd be surprised if there were any left.

If WCW had won the Monday Night Wars?

hell yeah me suck it

Which character of Shawn Michaels was the best?

I love them, they are so cool. Like the greatest tag-team together and pretty much the only ones who can get one over the McMahon's. I can't believe they teamed up again when all those years ago, Triple H put HBK through a car-window and then attacked his back with a sledge-hammer. I was only like 8 or 9 but i still remember it.

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