Who agrees that Shannon Moore would have been better off in TNA?

He could have been huge in the X Division, but instead he listen to the Hardy B!tches, and now he is stuck in a cruiserweight division that has been long since dead.


Whats more extinct?

I have to say that I agree with you. He should have stayed in TNA.

Is It ODD?

your right but the Hardyz rock...

and Shannon is their little B!TCH he listens to EVERYTHING they say!!!

Is it just me or does the Wwe seem to be out of idea's?

He'd be better off getting that Mohawk shorter, like down to what The Miz has.

Match a Diva with a Superstar!?

i dont know of shannon moore's talent, i breifly remember him being part of a team with matt hardy & now has a goth punk rock image, so i cant remember him doing anything impressive but TNA makes their superstars shine

If WWE was a TV show..?

yeah. at least he would get a fight the cruiser weight divisoin is on crack. you got cruiser weights being tag champs. Hardyz and PL an BK. and cruiser weights being heavy weight champions. rey.

the cruiserweight division if Fd up now

Is there a good site for Ring Of Honor videos?

Who really cares he is not that good of a wrestler.

So what's with JBL being quiet for like 5 minutes while Cole does all the annoucning?! What's he doing?

It would have suited him more. Now, he's stuck on the sidelines of the cruiserweight division, which hardly gets any action. I don't like him much but I do have to admit he has potential.

10 Points... It's Easy!?

Yeah, going back to WWE was a stupid move for Moore. He was just starting to appear in the X title contension, as a matter of fact, the last match I remember him in was with him and a Heel Samoa Joe tagging against a Face Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles. He got into good shape for TNA, and even got to push a gimmick he created, the emotive punk gimmick. He should've known better than to go back to Vince, who proved to be vindictive and shove him down the card to jobber status. I suppose he thought he'd get the Jeff Hardy treatment upon returning...oh well...

When do you think mr.kennedy will cash in his money in the bank?

I guess so

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