A sad day to be a WWE fan?

Someone asked to name some dream matches of OLD SCHOOL vs new school and I saw people putting Stone Cold and The Rock and Bret Hart under OLD SCHOOL. Why would someone put them in that bracket? Do you little 12 - 15 year olds really call yourselves fans? If you think they are old school then I think this is the time where you should not be allowed to post questions like that on this forum, do you agree?


Is there an easier way to unlock Ted Dibiase in SD vs. RAW 2006?


Who Enjoyed Smackdown Tonight?

It is a sad day. Those are WWE fans. People who know about wrestling are TNA fans.

QUICK!Ten points!?

reference point is everything, OK (but that is sad)

Who do u think is hotter ashley or melina?

indeed, brutus beefcake, untimate warrior, hulk hogan, randy savage, earthquake, andre the giant, rick rude, million dollar man..now that's OLD SCHOOL!!

Who whould win out of a 6 man hell in a cell match?

yes, the people who claim that john cena is "the greatest wrestler" are usually people under the age of 14, (im 16)

Don't want no snack just want a Big Mac?

That was my question you're talking about, and I don't control the answers that come off of people's keyboards. If you don't like it, don't read it.

I watched Raw!?

I consider old school anything attitude era and older. You know back when wrestling was entertaining and worth watching. Not the crap (Cena being the flagship) today.

You cant see me!?

Old School?

Bruno Sanmartino
Haystack Calhoun
Professor Toro Tanaka (Odd Job)
Andre the Giant

Now *that's* old school ;-)

Who thinks Kane is cute?

Actually, let's talk about real old school---
Gorilla Monsoon
Paul Orndoff
Hot Rowdy Piper
Andre the Giant
Tom Jones
S.D. Jones
Victor Rivera
Leroy Brown
Chavo Guerrero
Mando Guerrero
Hector Guerrero
Bruno Samartino
Jesse the Body
Bobby Heenan

And I can name a lot more, but why go on?

Way to Go Kane!

Do u think rey mysterio will be world heavy weight champ again?

Could'nt agree more.

Isn't it true that if Dumb Cena?

I agree

Old School:

1.) Macho Man
2.) Hogan
3.) Andre the Giant
4.) Sting

Does anyone know where can I find this song?

I see it as 3 different eras.

WWF vs WCW old 4 major PPV's a year (WWF), cartoon, Midnight Express vs Rock N Roll Express.LOD, 4 Horsemen

Then the middle era Attitude WWF vs WCW vs ECW a lot of this stuff was nearly 10 years ago

third era WWE vs TNA..

Each one is very different from the other. in WWF alone. The first era not only had the cartoon, but is also had cartoon style characters. Hogan the "Real American" fighting against people that hated America...The Attitude era of course was more about Attitude,extreme matches, unpredictable storylines and matches...WWE era you now have a split company on shown on three different "brands"..never before has one company had 2 or more World Heavy Weight Champions at the same time.

So knowing the type of people in this room. I know the Attitude era is considered old school compared to the new WWE era. I have seen the first 20 WM's. (only seen about 5 matches from last three...things went down hill and I was part of that 3.5 million plus that stopped watching since the Attitude era.height of that era was near 7.3 million)

Its good to hear people who know things about 80's old school, and don't think teams like London & Kendrick are the greatest ever.

..I'm going toward 30 now.when I think of old cartoon I think of He-Man, M.A.S.K. Voltron, Thundercats.someone that grew up in the 70's when they think of old school cartoon they are gonna think of a different era of cartoons. Point being the term "old school" is simply relative to how old you are. If your in your 40's old school is going to mean something different to somone in their 20's like myself. For me there is simply 3 different periods in WWE's history. WWE is older than that (Moolah holding the title for almost 30 years alone...yet the Wrestlemania era of WWE is only 23 years old.

Genral manger for a night.?

im 10 and i no all of them

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