2 new Gimmick Ideas For Kahli?

Question:Ok i thought of 2 good ones you guys let me know what you like better.
1. Donk the clown. For this to work wwe needs to bring back Doink and Dink the clown you would have a midget a average size man and a giant.
2.Paul Bunyan. Just Imagen Kahli coming out in blue jeans with a Flannel shirt and Suspenders weiding a giant ax, I mean when you think about it Kahli has the Wrestling moves of a big Lumberjack so why not play into it.


Raw preslae?

I like the idea of the Three stage stable, but I would put him with Boogeyman and little Boogeyman. BIG Boogeyman.

I don't think you would want a 7'3" Boogeyman under your bed or in you closet.

Does anyone remember when kane electricuted shane mcmahon's balls or dick in 2003?

He could come out in a thong and call himself a tagteam.

What would you think if Vince McMahon where to do a rap/hip hop video?

ther both gay just let mcmahon be an *** and let him be all big and bad(sure)

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