3 questions (one 4 ashley # 1 fan) ?

Question:1. http://www.wrestlezone.com/article.php?a...
your thoughts ?
2.will rikishi sign a new deal with wwe ??

3. (just 4 ash # 1 fan) do u have a myspace or yahoo 360 ?


Who else is sick of Umaga?

1.melina sucks thats the bottom line but whats new.
2. rikishi is waaaaay more entertaining then umaga will ever be so it would be awesome to see rikishi back! maybe he can knock some people skills into his bro.

If Jon CEMAN stops taking steroids who would she look like?

i really dont care but Cena is sexi

When will Tajiri come back?

1) WOW I'm shocked Mickie would win at a house show but of course Melina got it back

2)I highly doubt it but if he did he and Umaga would make one hell of a tag team

Whats the most violent match in the history of ecw and is it on ecw extreme matchs dvd?

we got somethin better in wwe than rikishi and that is his brother UMAGA!

rikishi go to tna

Where is Lillian Garcia, did she get fired or did she Quit, what happened?

1- Melina is still da women's champ
2- Maybe

ps: I have a MySpace (I'm NOT Ashley #1 fan)

Who do you enjoy listing to more while they're commenting?

1.Melina is still Womens champion uhhhhh

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