A series of questions!?

Question:best ppv of 2005?
" " " 2006?
best wrestler to never hold the world title?
wrestler that didnt deserve to be world champion?
the new DX or Rated RKO?seriously
greatest entrace of a wrestler is?


One night stand cancled?

Best ppv in 2005 to me was New Years Revoloution, because it had the Elimantion Chamber. Triple H won the vacated World title over Edge,Batista,Orton,Jericho,and Beniot...HBK was the Ref.

Best ppv in 2006 to me was ECWs One Night Stand, because it was actually cool that they let RVD win the World Title that night, actually a night where Vince actually made the right decsion something he hasnt done since that night lol. Also that night Kurt Angle and Randy Orton had a hell of a match, and dont forget the Rey Jr/Sabu match. Shows you just how good Sabu can be if paired with the right person.

Best wrestler to never hold the World Title would probably be Owen Hart. For obvious reason he didnt have the chance too.

New DX or Rated RKO? Im a huge fan of both Triple H and Shawn Micheals but id have to go with Rated RKO. DX was sorta getting lame, it was nothing like they were in the past. Randy Orton and Edge are the future of this business and they seem pretty cool.

Best entrace hands down Triple H, 2nd would be Triple H with his King Of Kings entrance from Wrestlemania a couple years ago.

What's the deal with Snitsky foot fetish?

best ppv of 2005 & 2006? WRESTLEMANIA -- It's the best PPV every year.

Best wrestler to never hold the world title? Owen Hart

wrestler that didnt deserve to be world champion? John Cena

the new DX or Rated RKO? DX... 'over' Rated RKO is rediculously terrible. DX is hilarious.

greatest entrace of a wrestler is? Undertaker

What is the rocks entrance song and who sings it and its name?

Armaegadon, New years revolution, chyna, john cena, rated RKO, The undertaker @ wm 14 & stone cold 's.

A few questions?

2.Sid Vicious
5i liked the royal rumble 2005 an 2006

Does anyone have tapes of possbily the very best 6 months of RAW?


Roddy Piper or Jimmy Snuka (dont call the EARLY ECW title a world title)



Hulk Hogan nWo with Hendrix "Voodoo Chile"

What wrestling section person is lamer MaKaveli or Independent?

1. not sure
2. not sure
3. Owen Hart
4. Vince McMahon
5. Neither

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