Wrestlers with backstage attitudes..?

Question:Batista has been in the doghouse for getting into a fight with booker... talking crap backstage like I'm the main reason why these people are hear... not having passion for the wwe busness

Cmpunk has been in doghouse for having a attitude for thinking he above everbody and has a mainevent level attitude... and complaining cause he had to lose 1 match..

Carlito has been in the dog house for complaining with being in story line with Torrie. and then the other time complaining in a interview that he was sick and tired of being a babyface.

While Orton has a attitude about having to lose.. thats basically it., I have notice evertime Orton has a attitude is when he is having to lose alot. Which tells me he has passion for the buesness unlike Batista.

Which draws me to this conclusion..

Batista wins 98.5% of the time
Cmpunk wins 97% of the time
Carltio wins 75% of the time
Orton wins 2% of the time.

now just answer this simple question...



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Yes, it is unfair to Orton..thats messed up=(

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Carlito is justified becuz why should he be in a storyline with a no talent diva when he should be a contender to a major title..

Orton is a better performer than most and he needs to be a champ or in a feud with Cena for the title right now

CM Punk is having that RVD syndrome

Batista.. sucks

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thats stupid!

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I would like to see where u got ur statistics from. It looks so stupid to just put numbers down. It looks like a 10 year old kid is just ranting and putting numbers down because he just learned about percentages.

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i guess not, but nobody really likes randy that much...

I may have to take back what I said about all kid wrestling fans,it looks like one of you has a brain?

I am gonna go ahead and say no, it really doesn't seem fair. As much as I absolutley hate Edge and Orton both, I think Orton needs to quit being used as a jobber and get a push for soething better. He has the talent, and the charisma to be a great star. Maybe a Face Turn will help?

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Yes it is he cost the company more then any of the others in damage to hotel rooms. he also talks down to the divas. who some of which are better wrestlers then he is. he should have been Fired year ago but Vince is scared he will jump to TNA. so they keep him on a very short chain these days.

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maby orton should do what he wants to do, instead of following a script. i am talking about "Slasher" again. he told me vince told him he was going to loose, and he said only if my opponent can beat me.

as a result of winning too many matches he was supose to loose, he was dismissed. one of the last matches he had, i for get who he was wrestling, but his oponent threw in a chair, he took the chair and dropped it in the ring, kicked his oponent in the belly, then DDTed him on it. the ref told him, "your were supose to loose this match" he said, "tell vince to get me better oponents"

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It is not so much attitude problems but creative control.. Orton has had a push ie winning the world heavyweight title which was largely brought on because of his friendship with Triple H...

There are many superstars in the wwe who have thew power to influence the creative team. Before they came in the form of the Kliq... They were Triple H,Shawn Michaels,Kevin Nash,Scott Hall and Sean Waltman(X Pac). If you are on friendly terms with these guys, you would more than likely get a push but if they didnt like you you would be held back. Michaels decided he would drop the european title rather than lose tot he British Bulldog and was not punished and for years they controlled matches which upset amny people backstage... The main reason the wrestlers you named have issues is mostly based on a push excep for Batista he just thinks he is the best when really he should be down in the mid card...

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Cuz orton sux and doesnt draw in any money for he company and trust me i HATE batista almost as much as i hate orton, but the kids always beg their parents to but them BATISTA or JOHN CENA merchandise. its never anyone else! i always buy the hbk, hhh, cm punk, carlito, and MVP and stuff like that, i like mid carders. the main eventers of today suck... Lashley, batista, cena, khali, and soon its going to be freaking SNITSKY!! gosh what is this company coming to!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Does Orton lose more than Batista, Punk, and Carlito? Yes he does. But you are def. bias about the facts that you put out there. Here is some of the other reasons why Orton has heat backstage.

-After he won the title, he became extremely arrogent. He acted as if he was better than everyone else backstage which is a big no no, especially given his age. Many believe he only got as big a push as he did because Bob Orton has a lot of leverage backstage.

-His 90 day suspension. Orton was suspended a while ago because of several complaints of female wrestlers backstage. They claimed that he verbally assaulted them and one even claimed that he pushed her. Once again this was after he recieved the title. Many say he would have been fired for his actions had it not been for his name being Orton.

-His connection with the steroid scandal. In case you havn't watched espn, there was a large drug operation that was busted. The main drugs found were different forms of steroids. Several wrestlers have been linked as being clients to the supplier. There is some evidence linking wrestlers like Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, and the one with the most evidence agenst him, Randy Orton. He is on the top of the list.

-He wrecked a hotel room. While on their European tour, Randy Orton was sent home. He showed up to an event not prepaired and was sent back to the hotel. Instead of going back to the hotel, he went out and got drunk. From there he went back to hotel room and completely destroyed it. He was said to have caused $30,000 worth of damage.

Does is suck when a good wrestler has to job for people who are less skilled? Yes. Just ask Val Venis, Rob Van Dam, Bob Holly, Chris Benoit, and so many other great wrestlers who are under rated. But for someone like Randy Orton to be as big of a dick as he is behind the scenes, I say let him lose. The only reason he is still with the company is because Vince doesn't want any of his wrestlers to go over to TNA.

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