5 questions/statements?

Question:1. According to Backlash, if you watched wrestling for the first time you would be made to believe the 'spear' by edge is the most powerful move of all time - KOed Orton for almost 20 secs people

2. Is Randy Orton undefeated at Survivor Series?

(If no for 2) At Survivor Series the chances of Bret Hart Special Guest refereeing and Shawn Michaels winning the match are high
(If yes for 2) At Survivor Series the chances of Bret Hart Special Guest refereeing and Randy orton winning the match to keep his legacy going at SS and RKOing Bret Hart to add to the Legend Killer list are high

4. Since Vince has won the ECW championship ... Will he give it to Elijah Burke - Vince brought us the leader of the new breed, he's had a rough few weeks, if he does get it then he can lose it to CM Punk at One Night Stand then everybodys happy

5. Who more likely to be either WWE or World champ ...
Shelton Benjamin, Kane, Randy Orton, Edge, Kennedy or ... Hornswoggle


Where is Goldberg when he join the WWE ?

1) I didn't pay attention to how long Orton was down after he got speared.

2) He was until this past year. Not anymore.

3) Impossible. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels can't even co-exist in the same building.

4) He just might do that. I don't care *who* it is; I want to see anyone as the ECW Champion except Vince.

5) Kennedy, because he's the only one with a guaranteed shot at a title.

How old are Moolah and Mae Young?

5.) Kane and Hornswoggle

Any idea when Triple H comes back?

1. no the spear just knocks the breath out of you.
2. idk
3.shawn micheals will win.
4. Vince isn't giving anything away.
5. Mr. Kennedy

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