A question about wrestling?

What does prime mean? Like if somone says "the road warriors were the best in their prime".


Survivor Series Teams?

At a time in their career when they are young && their skills are at its highest level!

TNA vs. WWE last round tie breaker?

they were the best at their peek.
when they were the best of their rntire carrer

Who thinks mickie james is too muscular?

When they were at the top of their careers.

How can i make a wristling mask?

That isn't a wrestling question. However, it means when they were at the top of their game, they were the best. Example: Derek Jeter is in his prime and is very good. Greg Maddox was good in his prime, but now is old and sucks.

Who is that guy with Hillbilly Jim at the Fan Axxess Tour?

It means like if someone is still wrestling, take Ric Flair, in his prime (which means when he was at his best in his career) was great bbut now, not so great...


Who is your favorite jobber?

it means the time that you are at your best.

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