All right, McMahon has just named you General Manager of RAW?

Now that you are General Manager who would you choose to be the WWE Champion, Tag Team Champ, Intercontinental Champ and Women's champ? . . . . . and they have to be RAW superstars (with the exeption of Matt Hardy)


When is rey mysterio coming back?

If I have to pick from only Raw then I say.

WWE Champ: HBK
Tag: Umaga and Rikishi who should be on Raw soon.
IC: Carlito
Women's: Victoria

Who wants to join club magix come on join?

I'd hold some kind of tournament to determine the title holders, not just hand them out.

Who saw the john cena vs shawn michals match?

I would just kill WWE before WWE embarrasses themselves more then they already are

Beatdown Results!? Bloody main Event!? What do you think?

Jeff Hardy WWE champion
Benjamin/Hass -Tag
Super Crazy-IC
Woman's-I'd hire Daffney and make her champion.

My problem is when i print color pic or black & white pic the printer take too much printer to print the page?

WWE Champion hhh !!Tag Team Champs The Hardys. Intercontinental champ would be Randy Orton!!Womens champ would be Melina cuz I dont like Mickie James!!

What do you think of this WSX wrestling video?

I agree with the other guy, I wouldn't just hand out championships, you would have to earn the championship. But the matches I would make would be a Elimination Chamber Match for each championship, even for the Women's Championship.

WHO wants a new cool site on wrestling?

i would leave it like it is they earned them except maybe Melina.


IC- Jeffhardy
Tagteam-Jeff hardy and Matt hardy

Can you give me a website that has the wwe divas nude?

I would leave it as is, and just continue. for you thats said HHH he wont be wrestling anymore mo mo. that pansy is out for good, so you cant make him a champ

Khali and Cena?

WWE champ - Randy Orton
IC - Shelton Benjamin
Tagteam - Cryme Tyme
Womens - John Cena, but really Melina or Maria shes improving
Fire Umaga and Khali


wwe champ- hbk : wit the return of his dx partner hhh soon wouldnt it be interesting to watch how dx would co-exist.just like the demise of evolution(batista v hhh), the demise of dx will soon follow. ultimately hhh to defeat hbk.
tag team champs- ric flair and carlito: continue the theme of evolution returning ric falir, and carlito is exciting 2 watch 2
intercontinental champ- randy orton: i want evolution to return also creating a cross promo wit smackdown and having batista crowned worlds heavyweight champ 2, would make great tv.
womens champ- dnt really care melina is fine.
i just want the return of evolution and the reign of evolution

Backlash's Script?

I would put in the ring John Cena and Shawn M. And it wouldn't be any regular match it would be in a stell cage match.And it would be for the WWE WORLD HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!. AND for the women's championship I would put Melina and victoria.Shelton and the great kahli,for the intercontinalchapionship. And for the tag belts The hardy's and edge and orton. hope you like it

When will your favorite wrestler break his neck doing the swanton?

Trevor Murdoch and lance cade tag team champs
mickie james women champ
Randy Orton intercontinental champ
edge wwe champ
also I will move cena to smackdown, he don't belong on raw

Will One Night Stand be as bad as Judgement Day?

WWE champ- HBK
Tag Champs- Cryme Tyme
IC Champ- Shelton Benjamin
Women's Champ- Mickie James

Its about Jeff Hardy's girlfriend!?

Keep all the same excpet for WWE Championship and I would just have an invitation Battle Royal with no script and the best man wins. I would invite all current World Champions from all federations along with the top draws from all of those feds along with those of the WWE. It would be a 60 man total.

Where did team 3D open up there wrestling school?

john cean wwe champ

jeff hardy ic champ

matt and jeff tag champs

mickie women champ

that my choice.

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