Anwser this qiestion right and you get a big 10 points?

What is the presale password for the wwe smackdown/ecw 2007 show in edmonton


If the rock or steve austin were still wrestling today where would cena be?


Who is the most popular person in the wrestling section?


Are wwe script writers monkeys?


What does JTG(cryme tyme) stand for?




How Does This Wrestlemania 24 Card Look?? It's Not Real, But Just An Idea.?

it's ohmygodyouradork

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  • Does anyone ever pay attention to there correct section?
  • How many of you like wwe superstar Batista?
  • Who is the hottest diva in wrestling?
  • Anyone have links from when Kane and Undertaker were a tag team?
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  • What happened on tna impact?
  • Can OUR hero John Cena stop Great Khali ,tonight on RAW ??
  • I hear that RVD is now a free man. Will he and Sabu now go to TNA?

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