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about the WWE later this year. What do you think will happen at WWE Survivor Series 2007, being that it will be the 10-year anniversary of the Montreal Screwjob? If you're going to post a SPOILER, include it before you post your answer.


Is cena the new barney?

Ecw Vs. Sd vs. Raw
in a traditional elimination match..!!

Bobby lahley?

The Has Been Kid will retire.

Mickie's Outfit!!!?

I'm not sure they may bring Bret hart for survivor series and he will screw one HBK's matches I'm not sure ..What do you think will happen?

Wrestling fans like sushi or salmon?

has been kid quits

From which site i can download wwe wrestler edge's music?

The Has Been Kid will retire

Whats next for Torrie Wilson?

This is not a spoiler but two options.
Bret Hart Special Guest referee, HBK wins for Raw... obvious
or No one remebers and Orton continues his legacy as being undefeated at Survivor Series and RKOs the Legend Bret hart when he special guest referees

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