Any one here ever cheer for the heels?

I like Deuce&Domino any one else?



I think Deuce & Domino are awesome! I love the 50s theme, the outfits, that car, and Cherry is a very lovely lady (the "bees knees" I think is the 50s reference) I hope one day to go to a match with a sign and have them tear it up!

Do you think I should add this move to my set of groin attacks?

From time to time yes, I cheered for Finlay when he fought The Miz. Orton when he fought Edge

Im watching judgement day on, but i cant hear it. Same?

I cheer for Edge, Randy Orton and Ken Kennedy.

Edge vs Benoit SummerSlam?

tripleh when he was a heel

Who is the greatest professional wrestler of all times?

I always seem to cheer for the heels... Mostly because a lot of the top faces lack talent...

I do/have cheered for:
Heel HHH
Heel Jericho
King Booker
Kevin Thorn
Matt Striker
Aj Styles
Heel Petey Williams
James Storm
Heel Chris Harris
Alex Shelley
Chris Sabin
& many more..

Is Hornswoggle and Finlay related?

Randy Orton, Edge, Finlay and Mr. Kennedy also Triple H (Heel)

How many people are RAW and Smackdown Fans of the WWE, if so what city you from? Josh from FL,USA?

Randy Orton (even though hes being cheered like a face)
Edge, Kennedy, MVP, Finlay and Hornswoggle

Guess how RAW opens tonight?

I cheer for any heel against Cena.

Every week I am making a poll about wwe's divas.?

all the time. Edge is great. HHH is best as a heel. Shawn Michaels too. D&D haven't earned my respect yet but they have some talent so maybe in the near future

Iam quiting magix any othere team i can be on plz! i need the thing?

Sweetie, heels are the only ones worth cheering for.

Who won the Money in the Bank Match?

yeah. edge, orton.

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