2 questions.?

Question:1. what do you think of this vid?
2.which move did like the most in this vid?

me...i like the reverse leg hook ddt (00:34)

theyre all awesome!


Isn't she annoying?

Sorry Misteeeeeeeerrrrrrrr Pedigree...(wait for it)....Pedigreeeeeee!
Sorry had to do that!
The Leg Hook DDT sounds cool and all, but post another question with that video, I'd love to see it!

What's the wrestlemania of tna impact?

hey, repost the question with the video's link

C.M. Punk?


If you were RVD, would you stick it out in WWE or go to TNA?

Hey if you dont mind, can you please post the videos link so we can tell you what we think? Thank you!

Why is Lashley still pictured with the ECW belt on the Roster photos?

could u post a link or something

Part III. Non-living Wrestlers Who is the best?


Who would you rather have as the IC champion? Santino Marella or the miz.if he came to Monday Night RAW..

i would be nice to know what video you are talking about.

Five on five?


Who is the greatest wrestlers of their time?

1. I Liked the video sooo much, because the moves are cool and i liked it when the superstars did a flexibility move to execute their opponents.
2. I Liked also the reverse leg hook ddt and they're were cooler moves also. I Liked the hurrcurrana from the top cage and the 619 rey gave to big show, and i liked the swantom bomb Jeff Hardy did to Abyss. i'll rate them.
619. 8%
swantom bomb. 10%
the reverse leg hook ddt. 10%
hurrcurrana from the top cage 10%.
I know that those superstars have practiced these moves for years to become professional athletes.

Vickie Guerrero and Kristal Are Scheming?

I liked the inverted ddt into the inverted brainbuster right around 0:35. The sideways piledriver around 0:52 is a great little twist. The double underhook flipping piledriver around 1:01, even though it was a little loose at the end. The spinning unprettier at 1:34 is cool. The springboard spinning DDT at 2:01 looked cool. I like the chokeslam back breaker at 2:13 and the uranage back breaker at 2:45.

Good link, dude. Thanks!

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