After khali wins the wwe championship on sunday?

we all know he will hold the title for along time do you think they sould do a roster vs khali for the wwe championship where the rules are like the royal rumble but the first person to eliminate khali is the new wwe champion. also what do you think about an off the top of the cell royal hell in acell match its like the royal rumble but you have to knock your opponint off the top of the hell in a cell cage im so good at this i sould be a wrighter for the wwe also when i get older im going to be a wrestler !


HHH and Ric Flair = Over rated?

John Cena will still be wwe champion after all is said and done.

Ladies only?

who says he's winning it

How do i start an indy wrestling fed?

But Vince is going to let Cena keep the title..I'm pissed about it

Why didn't WWE wait?

I don't think that The Great Khali will win. It's more likely that they'll try to make him like Hulk Hogan, and have him go up against a bunch of monsters. Judging by the Snitsky promos on Raw, they're building up for a Cena vs. Snitsky run.

Does anyone know anything about this wrestling school?


Where can i find vids about the reunion of DX from when HBK Saved HHH from Spirit SQuad?

they probly should

Thinking about joining the wrestling team?

They would have to cart Khali to the top of cell with a crane to get him up there he is so un athletic. You also wouldn't want to book a match like this are also detrimental to the roster as a whole. Sure you might think it is a good idea, and think that it would be a cool concept that would get Khali over, but all it is really going to do is damage the credibility of the rest of your competitiors. Khali is not over and will never be over, because he lacks any kind of talent and charisma. You would essentially be burying your roster to try to put over a "heat vaccum" like Khali who is never going to deliver anything close to respectability. This is all beside the fact that you are putting your roster in severe risk of injury, to try to do the impossible, which is make Khali look good. Khali is Giant Gonzalez version 2.

I dont see the reason why you all hate him?

He might not win the title for one thing he might get disqualified or Cena could get disqualified and Cena has come out on top against all odds many times so you never know.

I am a wwe viewer from India and here we dont get the live coverage of it. It is delayed by 2 weeks.?

you people can`t see that coming. Khali goes out and attacks Cena twince and takes him out. everyone thinks now that cena can`t beat The Great khali. when it`s over sunday, Cena will have his belt.

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