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Question:1. Describe WWE in ONE WORD based on what it is now.. why?
2. RAW or SmackDown?
3. who is the first ever GrandSlam Champion? (lol. i know this one!!)
4. do you hate me? why/why not?

it's up to u if u wanna answer #4.. cause it's not about wrestling.. LOL..


How come this happens?

1. CRAP! All the stars are getting hurt and Steph has no idea what she's doing.

2. Smackdown: Home of YOUR World Heavyweight champion, EDGE! They have better talent right now and have one of the best ever in Chris Benoit there.

3. HBK, duh! lol

4. You're cool. Why? You know your wrestling, you don't cause much trouble and I like your avatar!

Girls: Would you sell yourself short to be in the WWE?

1.not what it was...but still good.
4.i don't hate u but sometimes u get a little annoying.

Maria and john cena?

1. Profitable. Sure the lack of stand out stars are few and far between but it is a huge moneymaker and the presentation is decent enough for millions to match every week and the company to rake in $200 million every few months.

2. RAW. Smackdown time is horrible and that is the main reason why it hurts. It is hard for people to watch every week altho TIVO doesn't hurt.

3. GrandSlam? What is a Grandslam to you? To me it is World, IC and Tag. If that is your criteria then it is Pedro Morales. With the introduction of so many belts, the criteria changes. And then belts are taken away. So it is easiest to stick with the belts that have always (almost) been there.

4. I like you cuz you are a wrestling fan. Keep it up!

Do love to insult little girlys over the internet and call them 500 lb zit freaks with beards i do.?

1.Its..okay.nothing great now (cuz of Cena)
2.Well,now,since all good people in Raw are injured and since Edge is now in Smackdown,i would have to pick Smackdown
3.uhhhhhhhhhh...hmmmm... course its HBK.
4.I like u.U r cool.

Is the association between TNA and the NWA over? The new belts say TNA and not NWA?

2) Raw because Randy and Shawn are on that show!
3) The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels of coarse!
4) I could NEVER hate you! You're a HBK fan, why would I hate you!
Hope HBK gets well!

Who do u like more Teddylong or Vince?

could yuo ask that again,didn't quite catch the last part

Who else thinks that Cena is gay?

1. Lack-luster. Because it's nowhere near what wrestling used to be in the past, or what it still is in certain promotions today.

2. Smackdown. Everyone that I like on RAW seems to get buried.

3. Shawn Michaels.

4. No. You seem like an alright person, and HBK marks are sure to know at least something about wrestling.

Nwo question?

4)yes i do cuz u think tht u know every thing bout wrestling

Is stone cold better than the rock?

1)Life !! (WWE is a huge part of my life...i cant seem to live without it.its just the WWE passion..haha)

2)RAW (more entertaining except for the Cena part which is very irritating now although i never hated Cena all that much.RAW has jeff Hardy and HBK)

3)HBK <3

4)No i dont hate you...i dont have any reason to hate you...you seem like an awsome person and you're a Die-hard true fan of HBK too !! Rock on !!

Is there Kiss my as(s) match on Sd v Raw 07?

1. blah. I love the WWE but they aren't trying hard right now.
2. Raw but Smackdown is gaining.
3. You already gave up the answer.
4. I have no reason to hate you.

I will give you a best answer from me if you can answer this. who trained tajiri and where?

1) Entertaining - Even if WWE has been falling a bit though the years, it still shows highly entertaining matches and has satisfied many viewers. Although sometimes they have their flaws, they take it back with good PPV match and is really trying their best to raise all divisions.

2) I'll go with RAW. Because of the competition. The titles are active and shows highly competitive contenders. I also like the diva matches.

3) Shawn Michaels. And I have a source to prove it!!


4) No. You seem nice.

Who is the best proffesional wrestler of all time?

1. Bearable - Stars arent getting pushes (Randy Orton, Shelton, Nitro, Kenny and Hornswoggle), too many steroid users (Fagtista and Lashley)
2. Raw - cause RKO is on it and Cena seems to have his *** handed to him everyweek + no Fagtista
3. Pedro Morales comes to mind but HBK is my answer
4. I dont hate you - 1 you dont ask stupid q's or abuse other users (i dont think), nothing wrong with ya

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