3 Questions?

Who Are My Two Favorite Wrestlers
Whens My Birthday?
Whats My Favorite Day Of The Week?


Might Maccabee vs. The Iron Sheik?

1. The Brooklyn Brawler and Funaki
2. Once a year
3. Mondays (Raw airs on Mondays)

Who here agrees that BOB's pic looks like a brand of creial?

Did You Know I dont know you so I cant answer your 3 questions?

Has anyone noticed how great Actors wrestlers are?


September 2


TNA or Ring of Honor?


Dont delete Mickie Lees account pleaz?

1st:dont know ...
2nd:dont care.
3rd:dont give a crap...
thats what i think...

Oughgh i dont want hbk?

john cena & randy orton?
uhh monday??
i need hints or something lol. i just took educated guesses.

How funny would it be if Umaga did this?

Favorite Wrestlers Randy Orton and Edge
Today is your birthday "Happy birthday"
Friday must be your favorite day of the week

At wrestlemania Revenge?

Hulk Hogan and Sting (Im hoping you are old school)
May 15

What is Kanes real name?

Undertaker and Triple H
Today april, 30th 2007
your favorite day of the week is Friday nights.

Anwser this qiestion right and you get a big 10 points?

1. Jphn Cena or HBK
2 April 30 or january 18
3 april 30 0r january 18

Whats wwe?

you got no taste cena and hbk suck

Who do you think is next to beat khali?

1. Cena & Umaga
2. 7/5/1976
3. Friday

Is this an interesting match?

1.who gives a *
2.who gives half a *
3. who gives any *

Does anyopne remember bruno samartino ?

Rey Mysterio and John Cena
June 17

Do they still have that drug policy in the wwe?

i'm not good at guessing so you'll might as well come out and
tell us.

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