Who here used to like Cena and now hates him?

I used to like him and i liked him more on SD now i hate that purple teletubie!


Does anyone else think Vince is a disgrace to the ECW championship title?

I never hated him, I always liked him.. He is still the same guy.. but I guess you have your reasons, I respect that.

See Ya L8er!

Why is ecw only on for 1 hour why isn't it on for 2 hours like raw and smackdown?

i dont hate him

Too many shows not enough Superstars?

I used to like him for one day.until...until...*bursts into tears*

Who Sucks and Who Rules?

yah i love cena and he is soooooooo sexy and you are gay if you hate him


You are right, he dosn't have the rughtless agression anymore.

Why RAW dominates WWE?

once a dicksucker always a dicksucker. even in the beginning of he career he was winning all the time. he was us most of the year .. cena will always suck. though i must admit he was a better wrestler back then but no just flat out @$$ sucks.

Just plain?

yeah your right i don't hate him though, i'm just not a fan of him anymore. i used to like him on smackdown cause he was fun to watch. why did they move him to raw?

Why is this stuff in the sports section?

I have never hated John Cena

Draft one WWE superstar, First come, First serve, no repeating.?

Wrestling has gone crap!! Where are The Ultimate Warrior's and Bret Hitman Hart's of today's wrestling??
Conclusion, wrestling has lost the plot and need's to give up before it embarrese's itself totally!!
Vince McMahon is a right nob-ed!!!

How much "Attitude" and "Extreme" acting did WWE steal from ECW?

I hate this son of a **
DX rocks but Cena stinks

What is Cena's past life?

I dont think anyone wants to be an Ultimate Warrior of any time period.

I think if they turned Cena into a heel but still the champ like with Austin, it would be a big improvement...and he needs to change that damn belt to the regular championship belt...its getting a little old now...

Would Keiran and Swimmer make the perfect couple?

i used to cherish him, but now i could care less if he got eaten by a bear : P

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