Anybody else notice Randy Orton losing alot of mass?

Look at him man, he looks F'ing sick. He needs to lay off the drugs n' alchohol


Blackslap gets a 10?

yeah he looks nasty now and yeah he is on dugs everybody knows that already

Edge vs Chris Jericho for World Championship? Opinions?

He should get back into the gym. I dont think the hotel trashing workout is working for him.

Orton didn't do it alone Edge helped him they should fire him to that would be real good for WWE can't happen

RKO is a wuss just as Mr. Kennedy

Do you feel that TNA is the future WWE?

He looked fine to me. He is not on drugs!

How can I watch WWE Monday Night Raw in India, Dehli?

he has dropped some weight and muscle mass.

Who are the main eventers in the WWE right now?

Randy has lost weight. But he's not doing drugs anymore.

Why does everyone think that raw is the best show when it's obviously ecw?

well you go back to ur hotel room pass out and wake up but have no idea how in the hell it happened.

What is Stone Cold Steve Austin's entrence music?

i never liked him at first place

Is it possible for?

I have noticed he's not as built as he used to be.I've never heard if him taking drugs before so I wouldn't know.

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