Anybody notice that Vince winning?

Is just like Vince Russo winning the title in WCW? Maybe if we're lucky six months from now WWE will go bankrupt and TNA will buy it.


Wat happen on Raw that's is important to know?


How could i c judgement day live?


Eddie Guerrero(R.I.P) Vs Mvp??


Khali best match?

Not at all.

Anybody know any good cheats for Smackdown vs Raw 2007 on the 360?

Nahhh.David Arqurette winning the WCW title trumps them both.

TNA is just really getting its legs under it, so I seriously doubt they'd be able to buy WWE out in six YEARS, let alone months.

I have a friend who's becoming a semi-pro wrestler, how's this for a stage name?

what the hell kind of question is that.

Do you think Mickie James is the best female wrestler ?

lol TNAs looking good, but thats just plain not gonna happen. the 'e' is just way 2 far ahead, still good but definitley needs to recognize tna and improve the quality

Can John cena fu the great khali?

are u lost?
that's impossible
wwe was found in 1954
tna was found in 2002
wwe is richest brand in sports entertainment
wwe is so rich they can buy the whole tna
wwe is part of hollywood + playboy magazines & other famous stuff
you will never be able to compare wwe with tna
tna suks
tna suks
My WWE IS da best

Raw v smackdown vs ecw?

Vince has been the WWE Champion before, and WWE never went bankrupt, what makes you think him winning the ECW title will make WWE go bankrupt?

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