Anyone else tired of the same title contenders?

HBK, Cena, Edge, and Orton. That seems to be about the only four that ever get a shot. Then on Smackdown for some reason its all Batista. How about Kane, or Beniot being a main eventer instead of his stupid fued with MVP? Either of the Hardys would make a good run at either belt, or how about Shelton Benjamin? Really wish we could see a few new faces in the title hunt. Anyone else agree?


Does anybody know who david rippetoe is?

i agree. if cena keeps the title at judgement day, then hopefully someone else will challenge him. maybe ric flair, personally i think it would be awesome seeing him become 17 time champion. also triple h when he comes back.

as for smackdown, i hope that the undertaker will keep the title. but if he doesnt then he should lose it to kane, benoit, or maybe even mr. kennedy. maybe even mysterio when he comes back. the hardys would also be amazing. if jeff won the wwe and matt won the heavyweight then that would be awesome.

Wats the Web Site for...??

I think they should just end the brands and I think WWE will be a lot better.

Can someone give me a link 2 watch lastnights raw?

I d like to see benoit face Batista, that would be nice. Finlay also, would look good. I wouldnt count Matt Hardy out either...

Raw has some decent talent, I can see Carlito maybe turning somewhat like Chris Jericho. He has the best chances in my eyes.

I wonder how come almost everyone is attacking Cena on this section but not Butt-ista?

Not only do I agree, but I have a few I would like to see:
*Cena loses the WWE Championship to Randy Orton ( and thank god Randy, being a 3rd gen. superstar gets rid of that stupid spinner belt )
*Bobby Lashley get to move up out of the gutter that is ECW and becomes the World Heavyweight Champion
*They do away with the " three brand concept and go back to having all the superstars appearing on all three shows.

The WWE fans dancing to Ozzy looked like posers...?

i would like to see someone new carry the belt 4 a while.finlay mvp the hardys they are all capable of having a decent title reign

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