Am going to ask this girl out who likes me but what if she wants to meet me i dont know how to kiss helpplease

i know am sad but plz help



and this is in wrestling because you like wrestling?

Will John Cena be in Playboy next month?

if you want some quick pointers go to will learn a lot real quick

Who has the best promos in the WWE right now ?

dont open your mouth too much. dont shove your tongue down her throat. be gentle. NO LICKING! keep it simple at first and work your way up.

Random Trivia, yet again?


Are Snitskys teeth really that yellow?!?

Just relax and see what happens. If its your first kiss its always going to be bad, sorry, but thats the way it is. Just take it slow and don't shove your tongue right in there, lol! Watch the kissing scene between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions, when Sarah's character is trying to teach Selma's how to kiss, hehe! Its two pretty girls kissing so its a bit of homework any guy would probably enjoy!

Good luck to you!

Do you think there will ever be a WWE superstar with all the Main titles at the same time?

Just go for it. Once you start it won't matter and you'll learn quickly.

Wrestling Trivia?

you sound like a youngster, she probably doesnt know how to kiss either, you both will have an awkward feeling at first, but that feeling will turn to majic.

Is John Cena the "Jeff Gordon" of wrestling.?

Since this is wrestling, why don't you body slam her, then maybe she'll go away?

Anyone here whos face you would love to mess up.?

If the girl's name is "swimmer," my only advise is...RUN!

Anyone know what happened to the WSX (MYV Wrestling Show).?

this should be in the dating and relationship corner. but still i got 2 points woot!

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