Am i future wwe diva status?

Question:Im not talking about the kinda * diva like kelly kelly im talking about a good wrestler like lita or trish stratus.
Going to wrestling Camp
On the wrestling team
I have the wwe diva looks my boobs are bug enough with out surgery
I have great charisma and i can act


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Hey that's sound like a good reputation as a wrestler but I've been through and done all that!
I've been wrestling for 11 years and like you, I have big boobs! lol
It's been my dream for over 11 yaers to be a WWE Diva, but more importantly.WWE Women's Champion!
I've won allot of trophies and countless awards from wrestling!
I've got allot of respect for my opponents, well some of them, but some can call me a ** because I've got a HUGE ego and if this name wasn't taken, I'd be Captain Charisma!
If you've been wrestling for a long time, then you've got a great chance, if not, then I suggest you better start NOW!
It's sort of in my blood to wrestle because my dad and my great grandfather both wrestled and my brother just started wrestling 2 years ago, so it's sort of like a tradition in my family!
If you're fit, healthy and are able to let you're body be put on the line, that would also be one ste closer!
I've broken my arms about 3 times, my left leg once, my shoulder pops out of place allot of the time, I've broken my nose and just recently got the plaster taken off my wrist!
It really annoys me because I then can't wrestle, so I just teach my brother some new moves!
I hope this helped and who knows. I may be wrestling you one day in the WWE.. to retain my WWE Women's Championship! lol
As Shawn Michaels said.."If you believe, you will achieve", and as Randy Orton father, Cowboy Bob Orton said..."Keep you're ears and eyes open and you're mouth shut!".
That's what I've always used and it's helped a whole lot!
And remember to never give up!
See you soon. wink! wink!

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yeah you sound like you should enter the next diva search

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Hey girl if you have the looks (I didnt see and personal pics on your site) and can act what more do you need. You realize that they are looking for the huge jugs, but that doesnt seem to bother you. I see you already know who to look up to (Melina is smokin) and Randy Orton is a great wrestler. Go for it girl.

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I don't know and i really don't care.

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You sound like you've got the looks and talent to be a WWE diva. If that's your goal, then I wish you the best of luck

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yea... if u have the heart and u believe u can be a wrestler... then it will happen... u control ur own fate...
i 2 want to be a wwe wrestler...
im really tough and i also have big boobs..
i want 2 be an actual wrestler and not just eye candy...
i noe everything there is 2 noe about wrestling
maybe ill see u in thewwe in the future..
i wish u the best of luck

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yeah i think you'd do fine go try out and good luck to ya

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