After losing from Undertaker, in wresltmania 23 Batista said that he promise he will get his belt back he can?


Royal Rumble/TNA?

Yep! after all he's Batista.

Eddie Guerro?

my colleages say no i they think batista will end up going to raw when the blockbuster trade comes but if not he probably will someone who beats undertaker a.k.a. mr.kennendy.kenendy

Who's the worst wrester in wwe right now.?

he will next friday due to takers torn biceps and will then fued with mark henry there is also talk that taker will win the cage match this friday and kennedy will cash in his money in the bank right after the cage match and start his title run now instead of at WM24

This message is for the cena fan Captain Charisma~MaKaVeLi?

What is wrong with some of the wrestlers these days? It seems that they only focus on one title.For example, Batista, it seems that the only title that attracts him is the heavyweight belt not the US or tag team.

I agree with some of the things the one above me said

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