2 Questions?

Question:1) Did u notice ECW used Smackdown! set
2) How do u become a top contributor (i want to be one in Wrestling)


WWE Backlash?

1. Yes
2. You'll need to have a high percentage in a specific category you usually answer in and you'll probably need 12% for level 4 to be a top contributer in wrestling.

5 question?



Do u like randy orton here...?

1. yes i noticed the smackdown set on it.
2. u have to contact them through their website and ask about it.

Umaga vs The undertaker vs Kane?

no i did not ,and you have to ans were a certain am out of question in the wrestling

GM mode svr07 07?

1. Well they are filmed together.
2. Your total number of best answers has to be atleast 10 percent of the questions you've answered in that section.

Does any body know umaga's real name?

1) yes, ecw is an extention of smackdown
2) by asking more than 20 questions in one week and getting best answers in a particular category

Does Taila Madison still wrestle?

Yah I did it was kind of weird.

Now What??

I dunno answer alot of questions

Oh hey im in need of help?

1) Yes, they're taped on the same night, but this is the first time to my recollection that they didn't take an effort to put up an ECW set. Makes me wonder, considering the firing of Sabu and the rumored firing of Sandman coming up, and Vince's discontent with how ECW is going if WWE's done with trying when it comes to the "extreme" brand

2) Post good answers on a certain board, try to contribute to one section. It's rare that I leave wrestling section, that's probably why my efforts have led up to the little orange bar. It's nothing special, really. It just reminds me more and more each day that I need to get friends that don't work a majority of the week...god I need a life.

Is john cena married??

1. they do smackdown tapings the same nite they air ECW
2.Through hard work , eating your vegetables taking your vitamins and whatever that crap hogan use to say...oh yea say your prayers

Did ted dibiase have a relationship with sherri matrel?

1) No
2) you must have more than 10% in wrestling section... the Top Contributors list is updated every monday morning... So answer and wait...

How to watch wwe ppv from 2007 and lower?

Yes i noticed that.

You need alot of best answers (Over 50 in the section) and a 10% best answer. Badges are renewed every SUNDAY.

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