All old ecw fans?

Question:all old ecw fans have been put on notice
WWE has come to terms on the release of Sabu. We wish Sabu all the best in all future endeavors.

that the only orignal not counting rvd i liked. just to say im not a old ecw fan i only watched one ecw show and that was last week


A question for fans of fake "wrestling"?

That sucks. I was just getting used to seeing him in action since I never saw him and the other Originals compete 10 years ago.

Does he speak English by the way? I've never heard him say anything.

Is Vince McMahon HBK's father?

Why would Vince do that?!?!

Wrestlers with backstage attitudes..?


WWE, has finally lost it's marbles. Sabu, one of the legendary wrestlers of ECW, still in his prime, is gone. A terrible, and dark day in ECW.

If Sandman gets released, Ima actually cry (well, maybe just be really pissed off), and wish in holy hell that TNA phones the freaking crap out of his cell.

I7Sob, he's American. He just really looks like he's of african descent. He learned the tricks of the trade from the Sheik, thus he never reveal his origins.

Why isnt raven being used on tna?

WWE drops the ball again but ECW isn't ECW anyway. I hope he goes back to TNA.

What would happen if i called Stephanie a mutt?

Dude, what are you asking?

Why wasn't Melina with Nitrio tonight?

they are probally going to get rid of all orginals rvd is leaving after one night stand and the others will probally get fired also b/c vince wants this to be his ecw not the real ecw

What kind of toilet do wrestlers use?

if that happens
wwe will go from bad to worse

Your theme song?

What! That aint right man! Sabu? Vince you is a F*cking retard!

Who is the wwe champion right now?

Rhino is right, ECW is Dead.
WWE need to drop the ECW brand and put Velocity back on in it's place.

According to Jim Ross and Micheal Cole, if a heel does a cheap shot,it's cowardly and blantant, but if a face?

first paul heyman now sabu this is crazy i hope sabu along with every other ecw original in wwecw goes to tna wwe can stop what they call "ecw"

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