Anyone else think the WWE is getting really repetitive and predictable?


Nitro Fans?

only with the "im knocked out but im still gonna pin this guy and win the match" thing

Tna haters check this out?

its been like that for the past 2 years

If u spent a week with a wrestler who will it be?

Its been like that for i dont know how long. Its just now you see the same thing over and over again. This is what pushes fans away from wrestling.

Shaun micheals and john cena?

ok master of the obvious...This has been asked and i dont know why ur asking again. it's apparent that the WWE iis currently going down the shitter!

Who thinks Khali needs to step up some?

i agree

People ask this question alot (sorry)?

Its been predictable ever since it turned to WWE. The same * every week, I dont even watch ECW it sucks so bad hell its not even ECW!

Who is older?Torrie Wilson or UNfaboulus Mullah?


What's next for Craplito?

Ever since they became the WWE they have been getting repetitive and predictable.When TNA had their weekly ppv's i have stopped watching WWE.What happen to vince is he killed wrestling by buying WCW and made his show the only one.Then he tried to make up for it by making Brand wars,and the new powder puff ECW.Vince got lazy all alone at the top and thinks we don't care.

Who wud emerge victorious if ,at WWE New Year,s Revolution 2008...?

They have run out of good Wrestlers, thats why.And, this McMann thing is repulsive.Once a month is maybe okay.But, every week we have to be subjected to this Father and son thing??Why doesn't this Father and son team start their own show about themselves and see how far that would go.People pay to watch Wrestling, not to watch ego's brandishing themselves in the ring.And, i am sure if WWE can charge that much for a ticket, they can afford better Wrestlers.Not the same ones over and over every week.

What does ECW stand for?

WWE officials blows these days. DX was the last unpredictable part but thats not even there anymore. They need to bring back Rock, goldberg, stone cold and lesnar. They're why people watched.

What did you think of that gay purple suit on mr.mcmahon yesterday?

yes i think the same

Matches on svr07?

Yeah it's been kind of repetitive for a while now and not just recently either.

What Do You think about edge?

getting?they have been that way for years now.

Whatever happen to scot norton .?

Hellz yeah i stopped watching cena winn everytime a long time ago That is why i watch TNA The Future of Wrestling Trust me watch it its better than you think

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