A Question on BACKLASH please Help!!?

as you guys now that backlash is today and i don't now when the the main event is starting i mean what time and if it has started please tell me who wan the matchs i now you guys going to say go to wwe.com to find out the matches result but see the thing is that i do not now how to use the wwe.com to find out the results so please help guys


Rememember once Melina kissed Batista in 2005 while he was the champ??

Backlash starts at:
8:00 PM Eastern Time
7:00 PM Central Time
6:00 PM Mountain Time
5:00 PM Pacific Time

Smackdown Tag Team Titles?

Backlash was yesterday so you missed it...sorry!

The Miz vs. Edge and The Miz takes Edge's World Title. How awesome would that be?!?


dont worry it hasnt started..geez.!!

OH AND HERE IS A WINNER....backlash has not started but i kno some winners k?

EDGE = new champ

TAKER = retains title...r.i.p batista

hardyz= win!

MVP = win..

.. and that all i kno:D!! HOPE IT HELPS

( some mite not come true..but pik as best answer plz cuz i sure.)

Have you seen this yet?!!?

You... don't know how to use WWE.com?


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