Any idea when Triple H comes back?

It's been so long since we've heard anything about this. Anyone have any idea when he could return?


Rank these five WWE Divas in order of hotness.?

Summerslam in July

Which Bomb is Better?

SummerSlam 2007.

Angle didt it!!!!!! HELL YEAH?


Who ever is the 9th person to anwser his question will get 5 stars and 10 points Who is the wwe us champ?

he coming back around July 07.

What happen in the HBK vs. Edge match? Did anybody come out.?

i guess when his kids all settled in, I think stepanie had his baby recently

Who will be John Cena's next victim after he beats Khali this sunday?

i know, huh?

After triple h's injury at new years revoloution do any of you think triple h will return to kick more ***

no idea but what a hot tie he can man Handel me any time

Is anybody looking forward to the 2007 Diva search contest?


Why dont we ever see boxervs wrestler anymore they used to be fairly entertaining?


Did Triple H star as Pinnochio in Shrek 3?

he is comin back middle of june 2007 to summerslam...somewhere in between that

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