Anybody know any good cheats for Smackdown vs Raw 2007 on the 360?

I also want to know how to unlock ECW One Night Stand


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There aren't any cheats for the game other than telling you which pay-per-views will unlock which titles, arenas, options, etc. Although I can tell you that you need to win the Legends Challenge Trophy to unlock ECW One Night Stand Arena. To win the Legends Challenge Trophy, you need to go to Locker Room and then go to Challenge Mode and then hit Legend Mode and then unlock all of the matches.

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To Unlock Ecw One Night Stand u have to successfully defeat challenge mode..!!

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I can tell you how to get unlimited XP. It works for the PS2 version, so I would imagine it works on the Xbox 360 as well.

I think One Night Stand is unlocked by completing all the Legend Challenges, and I say that because I only have 2 of 15 Legend Challenges to complete (the ones involving SCSA), and ONS is the only arena I haven't unlocked yet.

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well lets see.. try this its good.. THAT WORKS WELL T00! this is awsome too!!


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