Anyone else sick of the WWE plugging their movies every ten seconds ?

Between See No Evil, The Marine and now the Condemned, there's very little wrestling left on Raw, Smackdown or ECW


Do you think Cena could pick up the Undertaker?

like I have been saying, The WWE has been going down hill for a long time. This is just more proof of that!!!

Tazz vs green day?

not really

When Edge beat Taker?

i know
i also hate when the best part in the match is coming on than what do you know... comercials!
whats up with that. hey give commercials every few minutes now.

Why u wrestling fans keep responding to magicmarker & independent? stop giving them satisfaction .?

They're plugging Cena too much is all I care about.

Did anyone know AJ styles was in CZW for a while?

i am so sick of all the movie previews, the opening, and everything. it seems like wwe wants to entertain us in the movie theatre and not on tv. don't they understand that tv is still cheaper per month than going to a stupid movie theatre

What does Rapper mean in Wrestling?

The Marine, i got tired of pretty fast...but the Condemned and See No Evil looked pretty good, I didn't mind seeing the previews

Will this happen?

Yeah i hate them movie previews and them commercials...thank God for DVR! Now I just let the episode record and when its done i watch it and fast forward through all that mess!!

Would matt hardy actally win the world title?

Hey, it's Vinces' Advertising dollar. I say let him spend it where he wants.
Besides, I'm hoping they'll make a movie for the Undertaker next!

How much does a wrestling mat cost?

Thank you finally someone who agrees i think its a waste of precious wrestling time and plus its irratating and there siezed (bragged about it) about there wrestler being in movies its really unessescary

Why does Maryse only do those stupid "vriday snight smackdon" promos?

I know man.
The Condemned doesnt bother me that much cause now that RAW and ECW are boring, I dont really pay attention that much. Only during promos and stuff.
But before when my eyes were glued to the TV, the See No Evil crap was pissing me off.

Join my wrestling clan!The GX?

Not only am I sick of their promos, I'm sick of Vince, the "ladies" that are only eye candy, the 300 lb. wrestlers being beat by 160 lb. wrestlers, the weak story lines...don't get me started. Just give me TNA - and it isn't that great either!

Cleo: How r u darlin'? Did you know someone big and famous will die in the WWE. My sources tell me it's...?

Yeah I agree! As big of a Cena fan I am. You don't need to show 50 times in every show.

Are cameras allowed in WWE house shows?

Oh I know! The condemned came out, what a month ago? And they are still showing it?!

HBK vs. Cena?

Yeap.And the sad part is that the movies dont even do good at the box office.

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