After the events of Raw, who do you feel should be the No. 1 Contender for the WWE Championship?

Shawn Michaels?
Randy Orton?
The Great Khali?
Mr. McMahon?


Who sings chris benoit's entrance song?[title and artist]?

Edge but it will probably be The Great Khali

Hey where can i find Judgment Day for free to watch on my computer?


When do u think Triple H will come back?!!!?

Honestly though he has had a billion sdhots.Shawn.he should of won that match. But it will be Kahli

How to have sexy and big cheat?

the heart break kid

Do you think that Bobby Lashley should be Intercontinental champion instead of Santino Marella?

shawn michaels deffinately he could beat up edge, RAndy Orton, and John Cena! Also the great Khali could beat up all four of them at once.
John Cena beat Edge in a steel cage match w/ a broken arm, that just shows Edge is not the number 1 conntendor.
randy orton is even worse thn edge, sooooo John CEna could beat him up REALLY easily.
MR. McMahon does not deserve it at all, i mean hes the maneger! He already is the ECW champian from cheeating, and he dosn't need another belt from cheating. Shaawn Michaels is the best out of thoes 5 ppl, so i think he should be the numb. 1 conntendor. Done!

Team A vs Team B?

The show stopper...master of sweet chin music...the heart break kid.SHAWN MICHAELS.

Try this one , nick bockwinkel vs ric flair both in their primes ?

A lot of people will get mad at me for this, but I dont care. Forget HBK, how many title shots in the past few months has he had. $ I think and hasn't landed it yet. I dont care how Cena won at Backlash, even if it was with Sweet Chin Music, point is, Cena won. I think it is time for someone else to step up, though I have to say I hope it is not Edge. That man is like McMahon, neither of them can win without cheating. let Orton do it, He is the one who hasn't had a single match against Cena. Though it will probably be dumba** Khali. I hate that guy. He is the Umaga of Monday night Raw...just there for an appearance.

Whats duece and dominos entrance theme called?

they need to have a 4 way between edge, michaels,orton and khali, as for mr. mcmahon r u kidding me

Which sucks more?

The Great Khali isn't worthy of challenging for the CZW title, let alone the WWE title.

Is Chris Benoit the most hardworking person on wwe? and is cena the laziest person on wwe?


Best On The Mic CURRENTLY in the WWE?

after i saw that last match of randy orton and edge, im thinking its gonna be either one of them

Undertaker received a torn bicep at Backlash and hes going to drop the title next week.?


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