About WWE and ECW?

Who thinks this would be a GREAT battle: The Great Khali vs. Snitsky vs. Kane (the big red machine)??



That would be the match of the decade.It would be an awesome battle much like a war.The Great Khali would probably win but it would be a blood bath frist.

Is Devon cheating on Quita?

Sure. If u want a match that u can sleep through.

Smackdown/ECW in Newark Delaware please answer this everybody?

Who thinks it would suck, ah ME!

What is the best match that WWE could put on with their roster today?

Why not ,it's will be very interesting that kind the match.

For how much longer will Rob Van Dam be able to maintain his current level of in ring performance?...?

Hmm, you have a decent heavyweight brawler in Kane, a midcard talent in every sense of the word in Snitsky, and the worthless Khali...nope, that match would pretty much suck ape *.

Wrestling Question...?

Great for a piss break, yes.

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