A few questions about wrestling match types?

Question:1.) would the punjabi prison match be cooler if it was metal?
2.) which do u like better, fatal-four way or four way dance?
3.) would this match be cool?


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1. yes
2. four way dance (elimination is the way to go)
3. Yes definately it's better than anything they have thought up on their own for a long time.

Points Baby!!

Who is the greatest tag team in this day and age?

1.) Aside from the gimmicky name, Punjabi Prison proved to be an interesting match. If you gave it a better name like "Solitary Confinement" and made it prison bars, it would be pretty rocking, plus the gimmick would make more sense
2.) There aren't enough Four-Way Dances, they've became sort of a rare novelty, if one has actually ever happened. A recent one doesn't come to mind anyway. Fatal Four-Way's are harder to win, one pin fall, three opponents, that match could go on forever.
3.)Don't like your tag match idea, just too gimmicky. My mind shuts off to gimmick match ideas after certain trigger words like, "Trap Door."

Is mike houston, a member of jeff gordon's pit crew, a former pro wrestler?

2.fatal four way
da hardyz would win

What do you think of my new and improved WWE Diva website?

1) It would be like a steel cage and Hell in a Cell match with the top all in one.
2) Fatal-Four Way sounds better.
3) That would be cool.

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