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Question:1 when is rey mysterio coming
2 what company
3 when is triple h 'the king'
4 what company

answer pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssseeeee


I have 2 ?'s about WWE?

1. sometime in June
2. wwe
3. Mid-July, before Summerslam
4. wwe of course. he is a huge player in the wwe.

How cool is the TNA video game going to be?

1) Summerslam, he's scheduled to beat Vince for the ECW title

2) WWE

3) Summerslam

4) Raw

5 best "big men" ever (dont have to be in order)?

July and to Smackdown

June maybe and to Raw

Witch of these "unknown" wrestlers look the coolest?

1. Sumerslam
2. SD!
3.Um idk!
4. RAW

You wwe fans say that you love wwe for it's love storylines right?

1.Around Summerslam
2. RAW
3. About the same time
4. RAW

Who would you team up with?

tna or smackdown


Who would pay to NOT watch this match?

Rey is coming soon befroe Summerslam because he will feud with Vince and wrestle him at Summerslam.

He still has a WWE contract.

HHH probaly around Summerslam.

He still has a WWE contract.

Who Would You Want To See Come Back And Fight One More Match?

1) After about another 6 months.
2) WWE
3) During Wrestlemania 22 right before his match with Cena.
4) WWE

Who did Rick Flair beat to originally win the wrestling title?

1. in June or July

2. Smackdown!

3. I don't get the ill say wresltemania 22

4. RAW

choose me as best answer pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssseeeee

Who's your favorite on raw?

i know that both of them are comin to raw around june summerslam, and i cant wait for them to come back, i def know that rey will be a baby face but i am not sure about Paul Levesque (HHH) because i think he would either be with HBK and be in DX again or def be a heel, cause he is one the of the greatest heels in the business, you love to hate him and you love to love him

Who know any information about the Undertaker wife Sara?

2 points

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