Anyone else think that if Batista was to get the title next it would be a boring/stale move by the WWE?

Question:I have no problem with Batista but I've seen him as champ enough & I'd be a bit bored with him getting it. There is a major bulk-load of talent waiting for title-time and I think it's time for someone else to get it, to make it more entertaining.

Would you be disappointed/bored/annoyed at all seeing Batista regain this title and not someone else?


Who would win henry vs big show?

Hmm. We already have a borefest when Batista wrestles anyways. I would be annoyed, because theres so many wrestlers that deserve a title shot/reign more than him. Smackdown is the top brand in my perspective, because we don't have marine posers or big oafs waiting in line for the title. We have the Deadman, however injured he is, still clutching on to it. Hopefully they do give it to Kennedy in the near future, to really give Smackdown the recognition it deserves.


I'm used to boring/stale moves by WWE as pertains to the championship titles.

Kane and boogey man feud?

SD is gettin' boring, Raw rox my world!

In all the promotions Sabu wrestled in did he EVER win their "World Heavyweight Championship"?

i would be annoyed, bored, and upset if batista wins it back. he is just soboring in the ring. all he do is slams and knockdowns. man, even yrs ago when i wrestled with my sister she used to do better moves than batista. and she won the match.

i think they should make it like this, have batista win it in that cage match. then have kennedy come out and cash in the bank and win the title from batista. then when taker gets back, kennedy is still champ and taker and kennedy will feud for the title and taker wins it back. seeing how he deserves it. he has wrestled for the wwe for so long and only had 5 title reign. and the 5th one he is injured and has to lose. that sucks. hes only been champ for like a month.

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