2 questions in the second 1 i need help..look below for questions?

Question:question 1.which brand is better raw,smackdown,or ecw..?
question 2.if the master account makes a sub account on yahoo..is it free?..in other words is making a sub account free ..and will the master account be charged?


5 question?

Smackdown, Raw, ECW
If you are paying yahoo already then it's included in the price. I don't think the master account will be charged.

Who would you most like to see as the next WWE champion?

raw in my opinion
i really dont know

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch?

Raw and i don't know

Do you think Cena hold the belt for to long and Orton should be a Campion.?

Answer 1) Raw is better

Answer 2) huh?


okay, 1st one Smackdown has better people and better matches, I mean, can you see the dead man the undertaker? how 'bout Kane? or Batista? or Matt Hardy or Mr. Money In The Bank (bank)? no you see on Raw a bunch of overrated dudes and on ECW they pretty much all suck but, Lashley, Snitsky and Sabu.

and the 2nd, I think you can for free, but, I'm not too sure.

hope I helped.

Who thinks it will be edge vs taker vs batista @judgementday?

~im srry i dont no

Is the Cena-Batista generation of wrestlers now better than the Hulk Hogan-Ultimate Warrior generation before?

2 ? sorry:(

Who do you think is faster? The Undertaker or Shawn Michaels?

raw is better

for your second what are you talking about

Who thinks either tommy dreamer or sandman should be ECW champ?

1. Raw and Smackdown because ECW sucks.
2. You pay for yahoo!!

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