Wresting question about John Cena.?

who did he loose his belt against on last sunday?? you will know if you watch RAW..


On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate this week's episode of RAW?

He didn't. He covered Randy Orton while recovering from Sweet Chin Music.

Who are u favourite to be?

He didn't lose the belt...unfortunatly

Are there any single divas who have a crush on any wrestlers?

He's still the Champ.

Who else besides me was surprised to see no one get their ripped off in the diva fashion show?

he didn't. hbk gave john cena a sweet chin music and john cena landed on top of a knocked out Randy Orton.

They need to rename ecw?

The Champ Is Here, and its a shame, I want a new era in wrestling one that is Rated R.

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