Any spoiler info on tomorrow's wwe judgment day pay per view?


What is you favotile WWE wrestling?

from During the airing of SmackDown in Savanna, Georgia, they were advertising the SmackDown/ECW house show that will take place on June 18th. On the card, they listed as one of the matches, Marcus Cor Von & Lashley for the ECW World Title. This could be a possible Judgment day spoiler.

What do you think?

I think due to the poster (with Kane on it) Kane will come out and get revenge on Khali during the mainevent causing a DQ or if the ref doesn't see it Cena wins.

Who beat who to get into the elimination chamber in new years revolution 2006?

Not really except that unless plans change really soon, john cena gets counted out but retains the title (source is unreliable, its failed me once on this ppv already, so dont count on it)

Why do people waste 50 bucks on crap?

Yeah, expect the RAW main event to suck.

When was the last time you actually saw someone put to sleep with a sleeper hold?

I've heard a few. Cena keeping the belt (through none of his own talent), Lashley getting the belt back and possibly HBK not wrestling.

I'd take it with a grain of salt as the PPVs can end up being different.

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