A question about the judgement day ppv?

Does anyone know where i could watch the ppv live on the internet for free?


Why does my cena video have great ratings unlike raw?

You can check out www.2xzone.com. They cover the pay-per-view matches live for WWE and TNA. It's prety much like watching it yourself.

Who do you like more?


What do u think of?

you cant watch it, all you can do is get coverage on it and theres numerous website. For example wrestlingnews.com

Why was ariel released from the wwe?


Should wwe start this rivalry?

You can't watch it for free! Why would you think that?! You could watch it for money on the internet and on pay-per-view. But you could also get the dvd when it comes out!

Does anyone remember when kane electricuted shane mcmahon's balls or dick in 2003?

wwe.com webcast. but you have to pay

So what's with RAW? Why didn't they have the Edge/Randy Orton match?

yes, you have to go to the internet and type Judgement PPV you don't have to type day. Then look through every page until you see this:watch Judgement day on your computer.

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