A couple of questions?[mostly `bout raw]?

Question:1. what happened to randy orton,edge, and hbk?
2. who did it?
3. [kinda a dumb question, but whatev] anyone know who sings raw's theme song?
4. do you know where i can watch parts of raw from last night?
[after ric flair and carlito beat up each other]

thanks. :]


Which champion are you upset of seeing?

1. They all got knocked out
2. The Great Khali
3. not sure
4. You can always watch am raw or go on to wwe.com and and go to the raw website where you can watch what all went down.

Whats the name of the band that does Randy Ortons Theme Song?

wheres TNA questions

You want 10 points??

1. Got Beat up
2. By the Great Kali
3.Papa Roach
4.Try Dailymotion.com

What do you like more about sensational sherri?

1. They all got taken out
2. The Great Kali
3. Papa Roach
4. Maybe some on youtube if you catch it before it is pulled or there might be some on wwe.com

Who are your 2 favorite wrestlers and 2 least favorite wrestlers and why?

1.) Knocked uncautious
2.) supposedly the great khali
3.) papa roach

Could this be the most brutal German Suplex ever?

1)they got attacked by khali


3)no sorry

4)yes http://www.dailymotion.com/us

Wwe smack down vs raw 2007 how can you call in a stable?

look darling , randy - edge -hbk got beated up ! I really don't know who did it ? but RAW'S theme has been sung by LINKIN PARK ! and the rest of the hell questions will be answered only if you rate me best ! chao

I dont see the reason why you all hate him?

1.They got owned
2.By the greatest wrestler in the WWE The Great Khali
3.Papa Roach
4.Dailymotion (just search Ric Flair and Carlito or Carlito attachk or something like that..)

The solution 2 all of wwe problems?

1. they all were reportedley attacked backstage.
2. The great khali
3. Papa roach sings the raw theme song
4. i think you can see it on wwe.com

Vito released.who should take his spot?

Randy Orton, Edge, John Cena were more than likely attacked by The Great Khali... you can get all you need from dailymotion but dont know the theme song!

Didn't Vince Mcmahon put the WWE on the stock market? what is the name its under?

they got attaked and I think that they r fine
papa roach "to be loved"
nooooooooo idea

Witch tag team would win this match?

1.)They got knocked out!
3."To Be Loved" by Papa Roach

Where can i watch or download wrestlemania 23 for free?

got their @$$ whooped
don't know

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