Anyone know when Triple H will be back?


Who will be the future star?

I heard that he would be back for summersalm 2007!
try this site it may help

Does anyone like The Originals or The New Breed?

June 2nd Saturday Night's Main Event

If you were RVD, would you stick it out in WWE or go to TNA?

alot of rumor saying somewhere around SummerSlam 2007.

When Abyss was being destoryed by Team Cage who thought like Sting would come out and help or Jeff jeret b/c?

He'll be back when he's healed from his injury.

People who know wwe raw really well?


Whats the name of kanes entrance music?

when he got hurt it was going to be 6 months til his return

Who is that guy with Hillbilly Jim at the Fan Axxess Tour?

Probably this July on Summer Slam

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